Septentrio and Sapcorda to Demonstrate GNSS Positioning for Autonomous Driving


Septentrio, a high-precision GNSS company, and Sapcorda, a specialist in GNSS correction services, will conduct a live demonstration of a safe, high-accuracy positioning and correction solution for automated driving.

“We are running the demonstration during the course of this week just south of  Las Vegas city center,” Neil Vacans toldGPS World. Vacans is Septentrio’s vice president of Global Sales. The demonstration is taking place in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show, being held Jan. 8-11.

Sapcorda and Septentrio have put together a solution that is ready for demonstration in Europe and North America.

The companies have combined their respective technologies to deliver the benefits of SSR (space state representation) technology seamlessly to OEM automakers and Tier 1 integrators. These benefits include decimetre-accuracy within seconds, anywhere over an entire continent, to support autonomy levels from lane keeping to full autonomy in a totally homogeneous coverage, the companies said.

The GNSS augmentation service is scalable through simple broadcast corrections, and safety-awareness is provided via Sapcorda’s integrity concept and Septentrio’s integrity monitoring engine.

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