One Billion Drones In World By 2030, Futurist Says


Drones will become the most disruptive technology in human history, American futurist Thomas Frey says, predicting that by the year 2030, there will be one billion drones in the world doing things people cannot yet imagine.

Drones already deliver goods, fight climate change, monitor reefs, supply humanitarian aid, and take part in take part in races.

But the Colorado-based futurist argued at the inaugural World of Drones Congress in Brisbane on Thursday 31 August there remained limitless possibilities for cities of the future, if only people added a few new dimensions to their thinking.

“In the future drones are going to have multiple capabilities, so let’s not think of them as little flying cameras,” he told the audience.

“They can also roll on the ground, they can stick to the side of a building, float in the river, dive under water … they can climb a tree and attach themselves like a parasite to the side of a plane.

Mr Frey said he believed one day every city would have its own fleet of drones, ready to make tasks more efficient across areas like health, education, business, travel, and leisure.

He wrote a list of 192 uses just for flying drones, but acknowledged this future would not come with challenges.