‘World First’ Digital Earth Australia Announced in Federal Budget


Hidden deep within the recent Australian Federal Budget were details for establishing a new service to deliver updated satellite imagery to all Australians.

Known as Digital Earth Australia (DEA), the new initiative will receive $15.3 million of federal funding over the next two years to deliver satellite imagery over the entirety of the continent. When complete, it promises to provide 10 metre resolution imagery nationwide, updated every five days. It will also provide access to this advanced remote sensing data through a “publicly available, free platform.”

Digital Earth Australia will build on the globally recognised platform, the Australian Geoscience Data Cube, which was the winner of the 2016 Content Platform of the Year at the Geospatial World Leadership Awards. The Data Cube was developed as a partnership between Geoscience AustraliaCSIROand the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), and supported National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).

To begin, Digital Earth Australia will use almost three decades of existing satellite imagery to access insights across the Australian continent. When fully operational, it will openly provide updated imagery and insights for every 10 square metres of Australia every five days- a world first for a national government.

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