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15 March 2016

Representatives of the world’s GNSS providers outlined the current plans and progress of their systems at the 2016 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit in Germany.

15 March 2016

NASA has demonstrated the success of advanced technology for making precise measurements of Earth's orientation and rotation - information that helps provide a foundation for navigation of all space missions and for geophysical studies of our planet.

11 March 2016

Our real-time kinematic (RTK) implementation, the Public Precise Positioning (P3-Service) project, has achieved horizontal positioning accuracy of 0.5 metres using relatively inexpensive equipment: a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) low-cost GNSS receiver.

11 March 2016

We now refer to the big budget missions  as ‘big space’ but now witness over past few years the rapid emergence of  ‘small space’  as this industry develops its long tail.

10 March 2016

The Indian Space Research Organzation on Thursday launched its sixth navigation satellite IRNSS-1F on board trusted workhorse - Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle - PSLV C32.

9 March 2016

It’s not just that Terra Bella Avenue would be an unremarkable street in Silicon Valley. It would be an unremarkable street anywhere in suburban America.

9 March 2016

Air Force ground controllers have activated service aboard the newest Global Positioning System satellite, achieving that milestone for the final spacecraft in a dozen built in a manufacturing batch to update the constellation.

8 March 2016

CARRIER PHASE. We’ve all heard the term and recognise it as a more precise observable for GNSS positioning, navigation and timing than code phase, more commonly called the pseudorange.

2 March 2016

Unless one has lived under a rock for the past few years, it is hard to miss the influx of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), otherwise known as drones.

1 March 2016

As promised by the Australian Government has taken an important step in promoting innovation by today releasing one of the most requested and high-value digital datasets to the economy, PSMA Australia Limited’s Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) and the associated Administrative Boundaries... read more