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26 September 2016

A new study based on GPS measurements of the Earth’s crust suggests the Greenland ice sheet is melting 7 percent faster than previously believed and may contribute more to future sea... read more

23 September 2016

The New South Wales (NSW0 Taxi Council and the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) have partnered to research and develop plans and regulations for driverless vehicles in Australia.

22 September 2016

The New Zealand government on Friday authorised the country's first-ever space launches, which are due to begin before the end of this year.

21 September 2016

Few markets can demonstrate a double-digit growth, but unmanned systems have achieved just that over the last decade, and in the Asia Pacific region are expected to do so again for the next ten years.

21 September 2016

You’re driving along, whistling a merry tune while guided by a GPS-powered contraption plastered to your windscreen, when all of a sudden darkness descends as you enter a tunnel and you kiss goodbye to your satellite navigation smarts.

21 September 2016

Navigation, visual scanning and artificial intelligence know-how originally developed for Israel’s military are now set to be the brains of almost everyone’s next vehicle.

21 September 2016

The first Paris Drone Festival took over the Champs-Elysйes Sept. 4.

18 September 2016

Tokyo's getting ready to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, and it's promised to make its Olympics one of the most technologically impressive yet. There's even talk of self-driving cars, but before those can hit the road, they're going to need some maps. Enter Dynamic Map Planning.

15 September 2016

Driverless Uber cars are ready to start navigating the streets of Pittsburgh for some customers of the ride-booking service.

13 September 2016

Uber has hired a former Tesla mapping engineer who pioneered some of the company's best known technologies, adding to the ride-sharing firm's aggressive mapping efforts and growing team of marquee name talent.