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7 November 2017

You may have seen augmented reality navigation before, but the arrival of AR-native frameworks is making it considerable slicker and more accessible. Case in point: Blippar.

6 November 2017

China has launched the first of its most powerful generation of navigational satellites as part of efforts to expand the global reach of its rival to GPS and to cut reliance on overseas systems.

3 November 2017

One professor who studies the Earth and one who studies space came together in the pursuit to detect and define dark matter. They are one step closer.

2 November 2017

The Space and Missile Systems Center announced that the United States Air Force has accepted delivery of the GPS Next Generation Operational Control System (GPS OCX) Launch and Checkout System (LCS) baseline from ... read more

1 November 2017

On Oct. 12, 1982, the Soviet Union launched the first GLONASS satellite.

1 November 2017

China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) is outpacing GPS in its home market of China, and expanding rapidly in Southeast Asia.

31 October 2017

The most important information for a connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) is its location. Accurate vehicle positioning is vital to CAV and V2X applications. Cohda Wireless introduces a new way to ensure accuracy: the new V2XLocate, debuting at ITS World Congress. 

30 October 2017

After more than 15 productive years in orbit, the U.S./German GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite mission has ended science operations.

27 October 2017

Melbourne-born Kentley-Klay had only recently arrived in “the Valley”. He was on a tourist visa, moving between Airbnbs, and sneaking into a garage workspace at Stanford University without the right security pass.

26 October 2017

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources has recommended that Federal Government join forces with state governments and local councils to fund trials of automated vehicles with a public transport application in urban and regional areas