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5 February 2018

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Israel’s Ministry of Defense are joining forces for the third time in setting up a startup competition to tap into new technologies to beat terrorism.

5 February 2018

Australian technology used in bionic eyes — that improve sight for humans with vision impairment — could be the breakthrough that enables autonomous cars of the future to detect tricky traffic situations, the CSIRO claims.

5 February 2018

Trimble has introduced its next-generation GNSS reference receiver for real-time network (RTN) applications: the Trimble Alloy GNSS reference receiver.

3 February 2018

Today automotive radar systems are shortsighted. And they lack the resolution to distinguish objects close to the vehicle, while discarded drink cans and other metallic objects can cause false alarms that increase the risk of accidents.

1 February 2018

How do you get someone to pay hundreds of dollars for an inferior product, when most people already have a better one in their pocket?

1 February 2018

The Galileo satellite navigation system, Europe's rival to the United States' GPS, has nearly 100 million users after its first year of operation, the French space agency CNES said Thursday 1 February.

31 January 2018

Experts who studied GNSS vulnerabilities for the British government recommended GNSS receiver standards, the possible banning of jammers and the establishment of a terrestrial backup in case satellite navigation is disrupted.

31 January 2018

Korean technology and capital will build its own global positioning system (GPS) which Korea has used by fully depending on advanced countries such as the United States.

30 January 2018

With the recent headlines about autonomous car crashes, it’s more important than ever that companies pursue and finesse technology that could improve... read more

29 January 2018

China has accomplished its first successful Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR), with a 1.2-metre telescope laser ranging system.