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17 November 2017

HMI Technologies launched on 12 November the third trial of its driverless shuttle bus, at the Bundoora campus of Melbourne’s La Trobe University. HMI’s previous two trial spots were Auckland and Sydney, so this will be Victoria’s first real look at the vehicle.

16 November 2017

The first in a slew of South Australian government funded autonomous transport trials is due to commence in Adelaide next week.

13 November 2017

On a quiet road next to the busy Bordeaux beltway, a huddle of policemen watch as a drone climbs into the sky to fix its glass eye on the main road. On the ground, police captain Pascal Gensous scrutinises the images it sends down to the monitor.

10 November 2017

SBAS L1 legacy, Dual Frequency Multi Constellation (DFMC) and PPP (over L1 and over L5) signals are being broadcast across the Australia and New Zealand region until 31 January 2019.

10 November 2017

A critical part of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV) is accurate positioning of vehicles.

10 November 2017

Uber is pushing to become the world’s next airline — without buying any planes.

Instead, the company believes that a fleet of flying cars could solve the dilemma of daily commutes to work and between meetings in increasingly congested cities.

10 November 2017

Harris Corporation has completed development of the company's fully digital Mission Data Unit (MDU), which is at the heart of its navigation payload for Lockheed Martin's GPS III satellites 11 and beyond.

9 November 2017

A French autonomous car maker trialling its technology in Western Australia has pulled the wraps off a taxi it hopes will soon be plying the world’s roads.

7 November 2017

New, ultra-accurate rubidium atomic clocks on board two BeiDou-3 satellites launched into space Sunday 5 November have greatly improved the accuracy of the system. The two satellites are equipped with more reliable rubidium atomic timekeepers than those in previous BeiDou satellites.

7 November 2017

There’s one thing that will determine the true success of autonomous cars, and that’s data. More specifically, location data.